Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

How I see things. So yeah, all of this is relevant when we start talking about the Holy Spirit, because his job as the spirit of truth is to lead and guide us into all true. And it doesn’t work unless we will receive it and then apply it. I can say, “Yeah, that’s right, Minister Ballard. Yeah. Yeah, pastor. Hallelujah. Sunday morning. Oh yeah.” But I haven’t applied the thing yet. I’m in agreement with it, but it’s a little hard right now, Lord. I’m in this relationship and this relationship I got going on has afforded me a couple extra dollars. Now I can drive around, pay my mortgage or pay my car note or whatever. And I’ve been in this relationship, Lord, for a long time. But because he ain’t asked me to marry him. Well Lord, that ain’t my fault. And Satan is a liar.

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