Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

So, again, what The Lord is saying, you have an enemy, an adversary who wants to destroy you. So, what you going to do? You just going to sit there in the trap and not come out of it, not do anything to help yourself? Not only do we not have to stay there in the trap, but we have God imparted to us a spiritual awareness that says, “Oh-oh, I see that up ahead. I need to move in another direction.” But sometimes we just do not, we just keep– That is where the word insanity gets the fullness of what it means. I keep doing the same thing, nothing has changed, I keep going in the same direction and I know those traps are there. It’s like when you meet someone and there is a red flag, did you ever hear of that expression? Red flag.

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