Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

So, I can’t go around just, “Oh, well, yeah, I’m going to hook up with him, because I think…” No, I don’t think anything. I tell my children right up, straight up, “No, and if you do it, guess what?” You may be able to be redeemed from that, but you can’t… In other words, you can’t box with God. You can’t put God’s arm behind his back and say you’re going to do it because you said in your word that dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, so you’re going to sin in order to figure out whether or not God is going to forgive you of your sin, because the word says… And so you go therefore… Paul said, “Listen, will you remain in sin because of grace?” He said, “May it never be that you do that.” So when my children want to argue the point with me that God knows my heart and if I do find somebody. I said, “I don’t even want to hear it. Don’t come to me with that. I’m not the one.”

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