Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

So, when we say Amen on Sunday morning it’s because we are in agreement with the move of the Holy Spirit upon the man or woman or child, whomever God has called to bring a message, to prophesize to us.
We say Amen because I know that that is true and if I do not know that it’s true and right by now then the problem does not lie with the person that is giving me the message, the problem lies with me. Apparently, I am not lined up with what God is saying on Sunday morning because I am just sitting there like this–
So, in some cases, maybe I do not get it and maybe that means I need to push a little harder towards becoming more knowledgeable of God’s word. Maybe I need to ask some questions. Maybe I need to come out of my comfort zone and do a little bit more so that the Holy Spirit can enlighten me.

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