Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

If we want to have an argument where we are trying to persuade someone to become a believer or persuade someone to help them in their understanding of God, then we need to have as much information from The Bible as we can contain, is that right? So, that is why we are called to study to show ourselves approved. So, we are not ashamed, the enemy cannot bring half a truth, a lie, and cover it in what sounds good to our ear. Just this past week I heard all kinds of ways in which people are convinced that this new age way of thinking, they want to take a little bit of the world, a little bit of their own thinking and then a little bit of scripture and then work it all together like a cake and come up with something that smells real sweet, looks good, but God knows I do not want to eat none of it. So, we have to be careful about who’s table we sit at. Amen.

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