Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

These are all things that are a part of consecration, sanctification. The Holy Spirit comes to do that. If he’s convicting us about a thing then that’s consecration because he’s saying, “Get rid of that book you’ve got in your house. Get rid of those movies you’ve been watching. As a matter of fact, disconnect from the channel altogether. Stop talking to that particular friend on the phone because he or she only bringing dead stuff into your life right now”. You need to be consecrated. The Lord said, “Come out from among them”. All of these things you are the one that has to be on top of. Nobody’s coming to your house to beat you down and tell you, “Okay, stop doing this, stop doing that”. The Holy Spirit abides inside of us to let us know. If we’re paying attention, if we care about the things of God, then we are looking to hear from God.

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