Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

The church is losing its power, and it can’t be regained until we’re on the same side as God. And that means that I’m going to do this God’s way. The whole church has to be on one accord, right? Is that not how it started in the book of Acts? They were all on one accord. They all believed and did things together, by faith. They broke bread together. If one didn’t have, the other one gave, and that’s how the church was. There was no such thing as I got mine, you get yours. If you had more, then you gave a little bit more. If I had less, I wasn’t afraid to give what I had. So everybody needs to be doing something to participate in being empowered as a church. We are a group of baptized born-again believers. That’s what the church is made up of. And so I need to be living out my part of it.

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