Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

Because we do what’s comfortable. The moment somebody asks us to be stretched, “Oh, that’s not my gift.” Oh, okay. All right. That’s not your gift, but you’re supposed to be bearing good fruit. Right? So that your fruit shall remain, so that when people come up to you as you are, you’re supposed to have this living water springing up on the inside of you. So if I’m coming over and I’m trying to pluck something off of you because I’m in need, I’m hungry and thirsty, where are you at? That’s not my gift. Huh? I’ve been on drugs for 30 years. I’ve been an alcoholic, then been on the street. My kids have been taken, ripped from me. I don’t even care anymore about me, them or anybody else. What can I pluck from you? You don’t even want to be around me. I smell.

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