Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

When we were walking through Harlem, I know you all don’t believe this. They had soap box preachers when I was a little girl in Harlem on the corner. And I was drawn to it. And you know what my mother would do? Snatch my hand because she was a backslider because God didn’t do it her way. Because her life didn’t turn out to be what she thought it should be. And so she stopped believing. So when we’re moved like that by an enemy to turn away from God, God said, I’m even married to who? A backslider. Oh God. And that’s what she was, a backslider. But she gave her life back to Christ before she passed. But what I’m saying is, so that kept me in a position where I could never… That need wasn’t being met in me as a kid. I wanted to hear what they were saying. I remember that so well, and my mother would snatch my hand and she’d start walking faster.

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