Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

Know our enemy, okay. It’s not enough to see things as always spooky, no, we need to understand what it means when the enemy comes against us in so many ways.
He is a conniver, okay, and he comes about doing what he is doing in ways that we do not pay any attention to and so, we need to clearly pay attention to spiritual things going on in our lives and all around us.
I mean, form the subliminal messages on television and radio and in what some folks would call gospel music and there is just so many ways in which the enemy comes and turns the truth of God into a half truth and then twists it and puts a lie in there in the midst of what is being said, and then it’s said so quickly and the atmosphere seems so right that we let it go by, we do not catch hold of it, and then the next thing we know, we are participating in it.

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