Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

We can play games if we want and try to pretend if we want and have people think this, that and the other about us, but the bottom line is, when there is no one around the enemy is coming, surely, as my name is Angela, that he is coming in our time when we are not being seen, when we are not being looked at, when no one hears what we are saying and no one would believe we would think these things, and there we find ourselves sitting in a place of misery, depression, hurt, brokenness and we believe that there is no one around that cares. But God said, “I care more for you than you will ever know and if you would just reach out to me, if you would just say yes to me, if you would just allow me to come and abide in you.” Jesus said, “I’m knocking on the door, I want to come in and sup with you.”

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