Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

I like my coffee strong, sir, do not put a whole bunch of water in my coffee, I want to taste the coffee. I am not spending that kind of money at Starbucks so that you can fill half the pot with water and then I get a little bit of flavor, right? Just a little bit, enough to satisfy. No, I want it bold and I want it strong. That is how I want my word, bold and strong. I want it to cut right through everything in me that has been a part of my insanity, that has been a part of my life which kept me in darkness for years and when I am in darkness, that means that that is going to hover over who? My children. I was so glad when Jesus came into my life and I said yes and guess what? He took the darkness away and brought me into the marvelous light and then I could see for the first time the damage that I was doing.

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