Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

We are supposed to be good soldiers on the battlefield for The Lord. We are supposed to be winning over those things that the enemy has taken away and has placed people and things in bondage. We are supposed to be going in to help bring deliverance to people’s souls and their spirit that they might come to know God in departing of their sins, that they might spend the rest of their eternity in the kingdom of God.
We should not be so selfish and so willing to not be sure and unclear about what is happening when we hear it. We can clearly hear it, and we see it, we should not just sit and do nothing. If just to pray against whatever it is that we hear and see.
I may not be able to get there and do anything about it, but God knows, Lord, I heard what you said, and I saw what you showed me. I am a witness, Lord, that is what you called me to be and yes, I witnessed that.

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