Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

So, we do not want to follow every wind and doctrine, everything that comes out form every other place that sounds good because on the last and final days it’s told to us that we will want to have our ears tickled, we will be so overwhelmed to some degree that we will start looking for something to make us feel good, and that is where we have to be careful. Amen. Because the enemy will certainly come and try to sooth us and stroke us and make us feel good about what we are going through when The Bible says that we will suffer sometimes, what? For the sake of the gospel. Amen. So, this thing will happen, and it will come to pass, but through it all God says, “I’m with you, even through your trials and tribulations.” Amen. He said, “I’m with you. I’m there with you,” and so, we understand that through the scriptures like the Hebrew boys, you know, they made up in their mind that, “Even if God does not deliver me from this situation, I am still trusting him anyhow.” Amen.

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