Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

Because I believe in courtship. I believe that part of the problem is that we don’t have courtship anymore. And even as an elder, God is my parent. He’s the one that looks after me, takes care of me, teaches me, guides me, leads me. He is my parent. And He would make sure that whomever is coming into my life, He’s going to give me every indication as to whether or not this individual is following him. The Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truth, so there’s no way in the world. What did we say last week? Red flags all around the brother’s head, and I’m still moving forward. Okay, so if that’s what I desire to do, to be in my flesh and move forward with all the red flags blinking like lights on a tree, then, okay. The Holy spirit is not going to force me to stop moving forward. These are the things we need to be very comfortable with and trust God with.

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