Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

We have also, what? A will. Amen? But Jesus said, “Nevertheless…” What? “… let my Father’s will be done in my life,” is what we as born again believers should be adhering to. I know it feels like something I want to do. It feels right. It sounds good. It looks okay. But does it line up with, what? God’s will. That’s what a born again believer should be asking themselves. And if I don’t know it, where do I go to find out? I’m to seek God. That’s what’s wrong with His people. That’s why He said that in the Scripture. He told Solomon, “Tell this to my people.” Okay? So, we really, clearly, we hear it. We spew it out, but what does it really mean at the end of the day?

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