Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

Friends and family, they heard a few scriptures here and there, grew up listening, even in church, to scriptures, but never for themselves decided to actually study The Bible from Genesis to Revelation. So, it makes a difference in trying to have an argument with someone who is basing everything they know on conjecture, on what they heard, you know, or what they saw on television, or what they read in a book other than The Bible, and all of the other ways in which we hear scriptures being used, but not always lined up with the will of God. Because you are spewing out scripture does not always mean that it’s coming from a heart for God, okay? So, all of that knowledge that we gain in reading, unless we have understanding through the relationship with God, through the help of the Holy Spirit, who is the only one who can interpret the word of God. He is the only one that can expose us to the truth and then therefore, we can live by it.

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