Minister Angela Ballard
Zion Baptist Church Noonday Bible Study

This is supposed to be a personal journey that we’re having with the Lord and though we’re learning through sermons and we’re learning through Bible study and we’re learning through study at home, the most important part of this is to apply it. Application, application, application is the most important part of it. I can talk a whole lot of good words and recite scripture and all of that, but if I’m not applying it to my life, there is no change going on and there’s still foolishness happening everywhere I go and everything I’m involved with, then apparently, I’m not really living what I believe. I can just tell you I go to church every Sunday and carry a Bible from my car to the church, and then leave out looking the same way and things are still going on, which the enemy has control of in my life that nobody is privy to because God has allowed it to be covered. But there comes a time when you know what? God is going to uncover the foolishness.

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